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Talking Heads Live Album

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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lepa pesma Tripped over this great film of the Talking Heads performing at CBGB in NYC and thought the most interesting time was in-between the songs. Totally unconcerned with things like "momentum" and "crowd work", these guys were all about getting their songs right.
So, I pulled all the parts out of actual "music" and whats left is my tribute to a band that just wanted to sound good.
(I also *may* have ripped each song into its own track, so lemme know if there's one you like and I'll throw
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Song Name Size listen DLlink
(1)# David Byrne - Big Business [Talking Heads Live] mp3 Updated 73 hours ago
4.96 MB
(2)# Mp3 Updated 46 hours ago
4.4 MB
(3)# Talking Heads - Live at CBGB 1975 - The Interludes mp3 Updated 34 hours ago
6.2 MB
(4)# Talking Heads (Live at The Met) mp3 Updated 87 hours ago
0.91 MB
(5)# This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) - TALKING HEADS LIVE COVER mp3 Updated 42 hours ago
5.02 MB
(6)# Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (LIVE @ 1980) mp3 Updated 57 hours ago
5.02 MB
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