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Parting Words From Madiba

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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Peace. As we enter 2014, I figured to make one more mix with a track a piece from each of my favorite Mzansi house albums I picked up the past year. Enjoy.
01 Euponik ft Madiba - Domination
02 Liquideep - Rise Again
03 Uhuru - Thath'isgubhu (remix)
04 Lizha James ft Uhuru & Mampintsha - Buyani Mukhina
05 Shota - Cina
06 DJ Kent ft Leftside - Bubble Fi Mi
07 Cuebur ft Poetic Love Child - Zvinoita Chete
08 Big Nuz - Move Your Body
09 DJ Whisky ft Brickz -
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