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Syd Ft Wyre Guardian Angel

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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.It is a song that is dedicated to all the Single mothers that struggle and sacrifice to give their children the best that they can.
From the Ogopa Djs studios, featuring Wyre the Lovechild. The full version of my WELL DONE mix is here for you listening pleasure, a selection of hot stepping tracks from Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Including world blasters from around the world. I hope you enjoy it.
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(1)# Syd Ft Wyre - Guardian Angel mp3 Updated 82 hours ago
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(2)# Mp3 Updated 33 hours ago
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(3)# Guardian Angel by Syd & Wyre mp3 Updated 53 hours ago
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(4)# Dj SLick - WELL DONE non stop music mix Now with full play list @ times mp3 Updated 36 hours ago
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