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Patrice Roberts Stank

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Written and produced by Diz7rict
Mastered by Madmen Production Patrice Roberts - Stank (2017 Soca) Have you missed us? We certainly missed creating for you! To show you just how much, we are back with a two-in-one first release that will set your wining mode straight to Soca.
It is one pulse, two songs, and three honeyed voices artfully blended under the Precision Productions banner, to give you our loyal listeners an “Unforgettable” sound, which will have you rhythmically saying “Cheers
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(1)# DIZ7RICT feat. Patrice Roberts - Stank mp3 Updated 89 hours ago
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(2)# Mp3 Updated 87 hours ago
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(3)# Patrice Roberts - Stank (2017 Soca) mp3 Updated 69 hours ago
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(4)# DIZ7RICT Feat. Patrice Roberts - Stank mp3 Updated 43 hours ago
2.09 MB
(5)# Patrice Roberts - A LITTLE WINE mp3 Updated 75 hours ago
3.16 MB
(6)# Kerwin Du Bois ft. Patrice Roberts - Unforgettable mp3 Updated 32 hours ago
3.33 MB
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