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Carly Pearce

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What's the latest in country music trends? We tour Nashville through the work of upcoming and classic country music artists. Carly Pearce has been described as "A slightly raspier Trisha Yearwood with a touch of Rosanne Cash". We learn more of her and why Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton are still ever present in the city known for giving many a start in the field. Mac Daniels interviews Carly Pearce and she sings her new single "Every Little Thing" Carly Pearce visits us to talk about what is going on in
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Song Name Size listen DLlink
(1)# Wasn't That Drunk (with Carly Pearce) [Act 2: Incitation] mp3 Updated 60 hours ago
3.42 MB
(2)# Mp3 Updated 39 hours ago
3.1 MB
(3)# The Culture Cafe - Carly Pearce mp3 Updated 56 hours ago
23.59 MB
(4)# Every Little Thing (Carly Pearce) mp3 Updated 53 hours ago
2.23 MB
(5)# 2 - 9-17 Carly Pearce mp3 Updated 83 hours ago
13.77 MB
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