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BassaleX Dubstep Remix
ft. Eliminat3 & Vitamin string quartet Ripped from "A State Of Trance 515" T U N E O F T H E W E E K Official Remix of Trapt - Headstrong. Vocals re-recorded by Chris Taylor Brown of Trapt. From the debut album 'Letting Go'. Hear the entire RAC discography by subscribing to this Spotify playlist:
NOV 1 - Majestic Theater, Detroit, MI (w/ Big Data)
NOV 2 - Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH (w/ Big Data)
NOV 3 -
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Found! 56 mp3 files headstrong mp3, Tap to [Download] headstrong.mp3 for free.

Song Name Size listen DLlink
(1)# Nightcore - Headstrong mp3 Updated 85 hours ago
3.69 MB
(2)# Mp3 Updated 47 hours ago
8.1 MB
(3)# Headstrong mp3 Updated 44 hours ago
4.38 MB
(4)# Trapt- Headstrong mp3 Updated 88 hours ago
4.22 MB
(5)# Papa Roach vs. Trapt - Last Resort / Headstrong (BassaleX Mashup) Ft. ELIMINAT3 mp3 Updated 78 hours ago
3.44 MB
(6)# Headstrong feat. Stine Grove – Tears (Aurosonic Progressive remix) mp3 Updated 85 hours ago
5.77 MB
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