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Tell Me Doctor Stranger

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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Ladies and Gentlemen!
I produced this Track pretty much one year ago for one of my videos and finally decided to finish and share it for free with all of you!
Thank You so much for all your support this year, I had a great 2013 and I'm big time excited for all which is yet to come!
The Sample used in this Track is by Tinie Tempah - Children Of the Sun. I'm a big fan of his music.
Mixed & Mastered:
DJ Doobious Straight-up bluesy rock and roll from The
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(1)# Wonder Girls - Tell Me ost doctor stranger - [].mp3 mp3 Updated 81 hours ago
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(2)# Mp3 Updated 76 hours ago
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(3)# DJ Cruz - Tell Me Doctor (Original Mix) mp3 Updated 58 hours ago
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(4)# Tell Me Doctor mp3 Updated 33 hours ago
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(5)# Doctor - Tell - Me - Doctor mp3 Updated 69 hours ago
4.51 MB
(6)# tell Me, Doctor mp3 Updated 38 hours ago
1.2 MB
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