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Fire Emblem Fates Road Taken

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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I did a thing insaintherainmusic's jazz cover of Fire Emblem Fates: Road Taken.
Source: Here's a rock/metal take on the calm version of Road Taken from Fire Emblem Fates. it's not very CALMING half of the time but you know what I mean ;)
Guitars and Piano preformed by AJ
All other instruments were preformed on a digital piano One of the best songs in fates Have a fire emblem if/ fates song sped up. I do not own image or nightcored version. I mixed both the regular and Roar versions of this
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(1)# Fire Emblem Fates - Road Taken mp3 Updated 76 hours ago
5.04 MB
(2)# Mp3 Updated 50 hours ago
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(3)# Fire Emblem Fates - Road Taken (Mix) mp3 Updated 34 hours ago
5.07 MB
(4)# Fire Emblem Fates- Road Taken - Jazz Cover -- Insaneintherainmusic mp3 Updated 82 hours ago
4.71 MB
(5)# Fire Emblem Fates - Road Taken Rock Remix mp3 Updated 42 hours ago
2.67 MB
(6)# Fire Emblem Fates OST- Road Taken (Ablaze) mp3 Updated 89 hours ago
5.05 MB
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